Spring flowers and spring yarns

Spring is finally here!  I have been going for long walks, including a walk in the woods at Allerton last week where Phil captured these crocuses.

I’ve fallen behind on taking pictures of my work, but have a few accomplishments this month.

I started a spring weaving project with 16/2 cotton yarn that I received as a Christmas gift.  I decided to weave several short lengths in different lace weaves and put them together in a blouse or dress.  The first one is blocks of basket weave and plain weave, from chapter one of Handwoven Laces.  I need to iron it before taking a photo, but I do have one of the cones of yarn with the warp chain.

There is also a spring sweater that just needs the ends woven in and a few bobbins of singles to ply.  I’ll try to get everything photographed and be back soon with a progress report.

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