Yarn in the streets

Next week the yarn community of Champaign is collaborating on a public knitted/crocheted art project called “Stitching the community together” as part of the Boneyard Arts Festival.  We will tie 8 inch by 12 inch knitted and crocheted blocks to a fence at the corner of Neil Street and Church street to make a giant mural.  I haven’t started to work on my part yet, but I think this is my chance to play with freeform techniques and a jumble of leftover bits of yarn.  The project also includes an element of performance art, as we will be knitting and crocheting at the site of the yarn mural next Friday evening from 6 to 9.

Yarn as public art seems to be everywhere these days.  I came across two articles just today on yarn bombing in Boston and on thread tagging as a form of graffiti.

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  1. So how did it go? No rain? Big crowd? I read both the articles…what fun! It made me think I should yarnbomb the 500 gallon LPG tank in our north yard. 🙂

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