I’ve been in love with textiles since I made my first ugly oversized dress in seventh grade.  After many years of sewing clothes for myself, a few years ago I learned to make more complex and better fitting clothes, then expanded to quilting, knitting, and weaving.  In the end I had to make my own yarn as well as fabric.  I’ve created this web page to share my love of textiles.

I also like to bake bread, practice Tai Chi, read novels by Indian authors, and go for very long walks.  I live in central Illinois with my husband and cat.

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  1. So, first, hello. Now, why as to the question of, “Why am I writing now?” – Last Saturday, I got up at a storytelling party, sort of like the radio show, the Moth. I told a story of being in Aspen Colorado, summer of 1968 and included you in it, and a vest that you made for me, which I put on for the occasion (sort of burlap on the outside, embroidered with blue yarn, and lined with wonderful green silk). It does not fit me quite the same, but a number of folks came up after to examine it. It is very well made and in excellent shape for its age. I am now a forensic child and adolescent psychiatrist, have 2 young adult sons (one a poet, the other a budding medical scientist), am divorced for more than a decade, and have been a student of tai chi for 12 years (Wu style) and do a little teaching.

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