A Good Way to Start a New Year

Yesterday morning I slept a little later than usual, so my sweetie brought me coffee in bed.  I had a good book to go with the coffee — William Gibson’s Zero History.  It is a vision of the future full of adventure, intrigue, guerrilla advertising, high quality fabrics and retro fashion.  Seeking out the secretive designer of a very special jacket turns out to be a very dangerous adventure.  It puts the life of a textile artist in a whole new light.

After coffee, breakfast, came the ritual changing of the calendar.  The old calendar is too pretty to throw away, so I will use it to make an origami box or two as a substitute for gift wrap.   I went for a nice walk on ground that was clear of snow for the first time in a few weeks, then made lentil soup to ensure a prosperous year.  The rest of the day included time to contemplate the year ahead and to listen to my favorite radio show, the Midnight Special on NPR.