Slow weaving

I have been making slow progress on the huck lace – a few pattern repeats a day – mainly because of being busy with other activities.  I was beginning to get a bit bored with it, possibly because it was progressing slowly or maybe because I was working on a section with blue warp and blue weft – not very exciting until I’m done and can see how it changes with washing.

I took an enforced break from weaving to wind more quills for weft – a bit of a project because the new kitchen counter doesn’t have a place to attach the quill winder, so I had to find another place and move quite a few books to use it.

Eventually I decided to spice things up by adding more colors – two shades of peach are what I have on hand in the same type and size of yarn.  I also varied the pattern by interspersing areas of blue plain weave with contrasting lace areas.  Just another yard to go, I think, and then I’ll wind a warp for bronson lace.

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  1. Loving your colors. I understand all of it, except for the 1,2,3,4 part. I’ve owned a rigid heddle (or two) in my time, but I want HARNESSES! HARNESSES, do you hear me? (The gods I’m yelling at, not you. lol)So, I am watching intently to see where you go next. (I actually sold looms way back well, macrame was big back then. The first time around )Did I mention how envious I am? I wanna join you in this. It looks like such fun, and there’s math, too.

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